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Harness Enterprise Software with SideKik: Your AI Guide to Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft

Tue, Sep 26

The rapid evolution of technology has made mastering enterprise software a necessity for any business. Whether it's Salesforce, Oracle, or Microsoft, navigating their intricate landscape can be daunting. Enter SideKik, your AI-powered guide, ready to assist you in conquering these software giants. This article will explore the ins and outs of using SideKik, your virtual consultant for enterprise software support needs.

Introduction to SideKik

SideKik is an AI assistant designed to help you tackle the challenges of understanding and optimizing enterprise software like Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft. It provides immediate, contextualized responses to your questions, drastically reducing your wait time. With SideKik, you can bypass the often frustrating process of trawling through forums for answers or waiting for callbacks on new features.

SideKik is More Than Just a Chatbot

SideKik is similar to ChatGPT. However, several key differences set SideKik apart:

Updated Information: Unlike ChatGPT, which was last trained on data up to January 2022 and has a web browsing feature susceptible to SEO biases, SideKik is continuously updated with the most recent product releases and their associated documentation.

Citing Sources: SideKik cites its sources from the relevant official documentation, allowing you to verify the information yourself.

Specificity: SideKik is designed specifically to answer questions about enterprise systems, while ChatGPT was designed to address a broad set of questions.

Privacy: Within the Azure OpenAI Service, your prompts, completions, and data remain private and aren't used to enhance other products. Hosted on Microsoft's Azure, this service operates independently from OpenAI entities like ChatGPT.

How to Use SideKik Effectively

Now that we have a fundamental understanding of SideKik, let's delve into how to use it effectively. Keep in mind these are high-level tips intended to help you get started instead of a holistic overview.

1. Choose Your Connector:

Before diving into your queries, it's essential to connect SideKik with the right knowledge base using connectors. Although these connectors don't interface directly with your systems, they act as a bridge between your SideKik Account and the respective platform's knowledge database.

Example: If you have questions about Salesforce Sales Cloud, select the Salesforce Connector. This lets you focus only on Salesforce Sales Cloud insights, without being overwhelmed by the entirety of the Salesforce ecosystem.

The 'SideKik' platform's 'Connectors' section with a focus on Salesforce. The page displays 'Help Article Preferences,' allowing users to select which Salesforce product documentations to source information from. Choices include categories like 'Sales,' 'Service,' 'Analytics,' and more. There's also an option at the bottom to 'Delete Connector

2. Role Play and Setting the Stage:

Begin by guiding SideKik into a specific role for an expertise-driven experience. This not only provides context but also ensures that the conversation is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Salesforce: "You are a Salesforce consultant."

  • Microsoft Dynamics & Power Platform: "You are a Dynamics 365 consultant with expertise in Power Platform."

  • NetSuite: "You are a NetSuite specialist."

By using the role-playing approach, you instantly set the tone for insightful and context-aware dialogue. For instance:

  • Salesforce: "You are a Salesforce consultant. How can I design an efficient lead management flow?"

  • Microsoft Dynamics & Power Platform: "You are a Dynamics 365 consultant. I want to sync sales data from Dynamics 365 to Power BI. How should I proceed?"

User interface of the 'SideKik' chat platform with a title 'Dynamics 365 - Power BI.' It details steps to sync sales data from Dynamics 365 to Power BI. The navigation panel on the left provides options such as 'Chats,' 'Connectors,' and 'Members.

  • NetSuite: "Act as a NetSuite specialist. I need to integrate third-party APIs. Can you assist?"

3. Set Clear Goals and Expectations:

Be explicit about your goals to guide SideKik in assisting you better.

  • Salesforce: "I want to optimize the lead scoring process in Salesforce. Can you suggest best practices?"

  • Microsoft Dynamics & Power Platform: "I'm planning to integrate Dynamics 365 with Power Platform for improved automation. What potential pitfalls should I be aware of?"

  • NetSuite: "How can I generate a monthly sales report in NetSuite?"

4. Ask Targeted Questions:

Broad questions can lead to broad answers. Ensure your queries are precise.

  • Salesforce: "How can I design a flow for lead management optimization?"

  • Microsoft Dynamics & Power Platform: "How do I synchronize my sales data from Dynamics 365 to Power BI?"

  • NetSuite: "Can you guide me on integrating third-party APIs?"

5. Engage in Constructive Dialogue:

To gain deeper insights or when seeking clarifications, don't hesitate to ask follow-up questions.

  • Salesforce: "Considering the Salesforce Flow designed for lead management, how do I set conditions for effective lead routing?"

Screenshot of the 'SideKik' chat platform showcasing a discussion titled 'Flow for Lead Management.' A series of steps are displayed, guiding users on setting conditions for effective lead routing in Salesforce Flow. The interface also includes a navigation panel to the left with options like 'Chats,' 'Connectors,' and 'Members.'

  • Microsoft Dynamics & Power Platform: "After integrating data into Dynamics 365, how can I handle errors in Power Automate?"

  • NetSuite: "Once I've extracted sales data in NetSuite, which visualization tools are recommended?"

6. Patience and Persistence:

While SideKik is a powerful tool, mastering it requires some patience. If the initial response isn't as expected:

  • Simplify and rephrase your question.

  • Avoid providing too much context all at once.

  • If things go off-track, start afresh.

Over time, this patience will pay off, allowing you to fully harness SideKik's capabilities for an enhanced enterprise software experience.


The rapid advancement of technology has made mastering enterprise software a necessity for any business. With SideKik, you have an AI-powered assistant that simplifies the learning curve and helps you master enterprise software like Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft. With SideKik, you can transform your enterprise software implementation experience, making it not just a tool for managing your business but a platform that evolves with your business needs.

Whether you're an administrator, developer, or end-user, SideKik provides the guidance needed to fully leverage these enterprise platforms and get the most out of them. If you want to see how SideKik can help your enterprise software, don't hesitate to Contact us or start your free trial now.