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Kevin's Trailblazer Adventures

Wed, Jul 12

I'm up to Eight Best Answers on the Trailblazer Community Feed! Not bad for the sales guy, right?

You can see some of those answers and think, how did the sales guy answer that?

As you can imagine, I certainly didn't do it alone. Like Batman had Alfred, I was lucky enough to have SideKik. SideKik is on-demand, knowledgeable but not as witty as our friend Alfred. And replace the life lessons with an overflowing knowledge of tools like Salesforce.

Venturing Beyond: Stepping into the Salesforce World

Back in May, my co-founder and I were pondering how we could step into the shoes of Admins, Analysts, and Developers. We wanted to live and experience the daily challenges that our customer heroes faced. So, we ventured beyond the standard user interviews and took a closer look at the Trailblazer Community.

Upon exploring the community feed, we discovered an intriguing landscape of opportunities. It wasn't merely about the volume of questions being asked but more about their nature and complexity. The Community Feed was a lighthouse for Salesforce users, where the most brilliant minds convened to help each other. However, even with collective efforts, some questions, particularly the more complicated ones, remained unanswered.

But here's the thing - this Community Feed is just the tip of the iceberg. It represents a snapshot of the challenges Salesforce users face. Consider this - for every question in the feed, how many are left unasked? How many Salesforce users are grappling with complex issues silently, longing for that breakthrough answer that could turn the tide? This led us to a bigger question: How can we lend a hand to not just those whose questions made it into the feed but also those who are silently struggling, ensuring no question, irrespective of its nature or difficulty, goes unanswered?

Power of SideKik: A Real World-Application

What started as user research evolved into asking, "Could we help people?" And if we could help, wouldn't it be even more beneficial to dive in?

With SideKik's assistance, not only did we dive in, but we also started to see a positive impact. We started with Omnistudio and took a stab at questions about Reporting as well. Jumping in was intimidating, but with SideKik's assistance, we were able to provide solutions that were valuable to the users. This was affirmed by the likes and appreciative responses from those we helped.

Solving Problems with SideKik

Here's an example of a user that needed help creating a Flow. This is a hot topic as the community migrates away from Process Builder.

So I asked SideKik the same question. Within seconds, SideKik was able to generate the necessary steps to generate the flow.

The details were incredible and led to a like from our inquirer. What we found is that there was still a little bit of work to be done. The following message identified an area that we still needed to solve.

So we took the feedback to SideKik, which once again created step-by-step answers to fill in the gap.

It was validating to receive the Best Answer, but even better to know that we were able to solve our Trailblazer Hero's problem right away.

Look, this isn't a magic show. As thrilling as it's been to collect these Best Answers, it's clear that the real stars are our customer heroes, brimming with their specialized knowledge. SideKik is here as a resource to amplify their natural troubleshooting and problem-solving prowess. It's a partnership, a real dynamic duo.

A Journey of Learning and Recognition

And let's be honest, it wasn't all smooth sailing. We had our fair share of missteps along the way. Like that time when I tripped up on Reports or when I sent SideKik off on a wild goose chase around Marketing Cloud when we should have been in Pardot territory. But hey, we live and learn, right?

But that's where I think having more of a background in those areas would have negated the mistakes that I made. Or, at the very least, would have allowed that hero to converse with SideKik and navigate to the right path.

In all transparency, even without a single certification to my name, I've seen first-hand how SideKik can empower our trusted heroes to navigate the complex Salesforce ecosystem with even more effectiveness.

Looking Ahead: The Future with SideKik

We envision a future where no one has to wait for answers anymore.

If I can make a significant impact with SideKik, imagine what Admins, Analysts & Developers can do when they team up with a partner as capable as SideKik.

You can see my best answers here: Kevin's Best Answers

Don't let your questions go unanswered. Contact us or sign up for a free trial today and let SideKik be your partner in solving problems together!